The Persecution of the Jews

  • Timeline of the Persecution of the Jews Timeline of the Persecution of the Jews A timeline of the persecution of the Jews before ande during the Second World WarMEER
  • Jewish Life up to 1940 Jewish Life up to 1940 During the Middle Ages there were Jews living in the Netherlands. They flourished during the 19th century and many Jewish communities were established.MEER
  • German-Jewish Refugees German-Jewish Refugees Anti-Jewish measures came into force very soon after Hiitler came to power. Many fled the country after the Kristallnacht in 1938. Some came to the Netherlands.MEER
  • Anti-Jewish Measures Anti-Jewish Measures The first months of the occupation went quiet for the Jews in the Netherlands, but the introduction of the anti-Jewish measures brought about a change.MEER
  • Jewish Labour Camps Jewish Labour Camps In the beginning of 1942 the first groups of men were sent to labour camps in the north and east of the Netherlands and eventually sent to WesterborkMEER
  • Deportation Deportation Most trains which left Westerbork were bound for Auschwitz-Birkenau, some went to Sobibor, Theresienstadt and Bergen-Belsen. In total, 107.000 Jews and 200 Sinti and Roma people were deported.MEER
  • Into Hiding Into Hiding Of the 140.000 Jews in the Netherlands, 25.000 were able to find hiding places. Sometimes this was with relatives or friends, others were helped by the resistance.MEER
  • Return and Reception Return and Reception The 5.000 Jews who returned after the war were not generally warmly received. The government did not immediately help the expectant families.MEER
  • 'My own story of the place' 'My own story of the place' In collaboration with Hella van der Wijst and Kolijn van Buerden, the Camp Westerbork Memorial Centre has produced 'Het verhaal op de plek zelf '.MEER